Crossing the boundaries between disciplines, departments, and graduate schools

We promote a project to support the "education of young world-class researchers equipped with distinguished knowledge in new interdisciplinary areas and "comprehensive intelligence" that arouses creativity". With the support of graduate schools, cutting-edge researchers, and distinguished professors, we established joint lectures "Interdisciplinary research" and many other common graduate course subjects for students at Tohoku University, and have developed curricula in which first-year Master's course students can freely attend these lectures, which cross the boundaries of disciplines and graduate schools. To ensure accessibility, lecturers are asked to present in manner such that students in other disciplines can easily understand their presentations.

Enhancing "comprehensive intelligence"

A profound and systematic study of an existing discipline is essential for acquiring acute knowledge. Therefore, to be at the forefront of interdisciplinary research, students and researchers must begin their studies in existing disciplines. To be well grounded, we expect students to learn the basics, while actively being involved with those in other disciplines. These activities will enhance "comprehensive intelligence" and launch future creative endeavors. ("Comprehensive intelligence is an organic, collaborative, and dynamic intelligence that is bolstered by profound expertise and the ability to communicate with other disciplines to stimulate innovative ideas and creativity.)

Our screening and selection process is devised to provide preferential treatment to students who excel in all courses within and outside their selected fields and have the desire to pursue interdisciplinary research. In exchange for their hard-work, DIARE students receive support to realize their goals.

Common graduate course subjects lectured by front-runners

Graduate schools are currently improving and reforming their curricular to advance graduate school education. Initially 45 courses were designated as course subjects, but due to the cooperation with all graduate schools at Tohoku University, more than 130 courses are now part of the interdisciplinary DIARE courses. In 2006, we also launched joint lectures in "Interdisciplinary research" proposed and supported by Nobel Laureate, Hon.Dr. Koichi Tanaka (visiting professor of Tohoku University). These lectures are introductory courses in interdisciplinary research given by Hon.Dr. Koichi Tanaka, President and other prominent leaders in literature, science, engineering, and medicine. For example, to improve mathematic literacy, mathematicians at our university lecture on "Discrete Mathematics" and "Probabilistic Models" and with the support of the Graduate School of Science, "Frontiers in Science" is presented in English.